Visual storytelling

Visual storytelling is in the narration of a story that transmits the values ​​of a brand through writing, images and music. Creating images is easy. Telling through the images is not so simple. Today we are overloaded by messages, videos, images.

It is very difficult for the user to deal with the information tide. This is obviously a problem also for the brand as being fragmented, discontinuous and often de-contextualized communication, it is difficult to stand out compared to competitors.

What is the solution? How to guarantee an organic, original and unique story that can be different from competitors? Through the visual storytelling.
This is why:

  • The public loves stories, since he/she is a child;
  • Stories teach: who we are and how the world works;
  • The public likes to share stories by word of mouth.
The visual storytelling, created through images, relies on emotion. People are attracted to images because they simplify the more complex concepts that usually require extensive and in many cases not analyzed explanations.
Human beings memorize 80% of the images they see, only 10% of the words they hear.
An image counts more than 100 words.
Are you sure to tell your company in the right way?
The Visual Storytelling technique tells your identity well and with style.

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