Social media management

To strengthen a Branding Strategy, we work with a common goal that can be carried out in 4 essential steps:

  • To increase the number of followers
  • To get more effective to clients and prospects
  • To bring traffic to the website
  • To increase the perceived brand.
Our Animation Posting activities include:
  • Elaboration of an innovative and persuasive Social Media Strategy
  • Definition of Editorial Plan and hashtag topic shared with the Customer
  • Content production in line with the editorial plan and with current trends
  • Creation of various weekly posts on the brand pages entrusted to our Team
  • Periodic update of the cover of each social profile
  • Creation of graphic formats to be used with mood images for each channel
  • Daily monitoring and animation for the management of answers and dialogues with the various interlocutors, in collaboration with an Official Delegate of the Customer
  • Possibility to activate ad hoc projects (for example: Facebook tab applications, live posting during events, planning Facebook ADS campaigns and paid post)
  • Sending monthly report for a critical and constructive comparison of activities carried out and results achieved.
Managing a social channel also means interfacing daily with a wide variety of audiences with behaviors that are not always predictable. This is why it is essential to have community management skills to be able to manage and face the challenges that network users more and more impose.
We intervene in the daily management of social channels through the definition of an editorial plan. Then, there is the creative realization of the post by combining graphics and copy in order to make your communication on the platform more impactful. We associate the paid ADV with organic activity, today essential to ensure visibility in the newsfeed of our target.
By entrusting us with the management of your social profiles, you will simplify your workflow. There will be no need to worry because your online communication will be in the hands of a team of expert professionals.

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