Virtual press realeses drafting

The press release is a text written to spread a news or make a statement to the media.
In order to make communication activities performing, the preparation and release of a virtual press release is considered one of the most powerful marketing tools. The press release is used for enhancing the spread of the message by increasing notoriety and publicity - sometimes even free - and very often cheaper and more effective than expensive traditional advertising campaigns.

By publishing press releases you get in touch with journalists and editors, local media, national media, international media and all the stakeholders that revolve around the company. The Chief Editors involved evaluate the potential of your news and choose to give visibility to the service, product or event. If newsworthy, the press release reaches the relevant public effectively and the spread of information is amplified.

Through the voice of a virtual press release, the media are quickly aware of:

- prizes received;

- company acquisitions and inauguration of new offices;

- brand partnership;

- launch of new products;

- events and participation in trade fairs;

and any other news regarding your core business.

In addition to sending press releases, our Communication and Marketing Agency offers the following activities of Press Office and Digital Public Relation:

- collection of information on the service and / or product to be promoted;

- drafting of press releases by expert Journalists and Copywriters;

- creation of personalized mailing lists of Media and Journalists;

- telephone press office activities;

- selection and contact of Blogger and Influencer targeted to the Marketing objectives;

- media monitoring;

- press release.

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