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Our team is made up of professionals trained in the different fields of communication. Being part of it means having the ability to share skills and talent, to contaminate each other. An exchange that enriches everyone: single, team and work.

We are a professional team, but we also know how to joke and be creative at the right time!
Our philosophy is based on dynamism and proactivity, we overturn the rules to guarantee strong and recognizable identities.
We meet the brand: we study it, we know it and step by step we fall in love with it. We mix creativity with strategy, to bring each brand into people's heads and hearts. Do not be afraid of change: we will take care of everything!

Emanuele Paltrinieri
CEO & Senior Software Engineer
Marketing Director
+39 347 904 2774
Elena Terenziani
Press office
Benedetta Bastoni
Web Developer
Jacopo Carbone
Graphic Designer
Alessia Rubiloni
Administrative Manager
Giada Sacchetta
Digital Marketing Specialist
Laura Gianfranceschi
Web Designer
Marcella Lamberti
Social Media Manager
Nicole Giberti
Social Media Manager

Why choose us?

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Because we are creative

Because we are in time

Because we are magic

Let's grab a coffee together